Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chops n Rods show hosted by Loser Machine Co.

This was epic, Loser Machines definitely throws the sickest events, and did I mention free shit and prizes! Can't go wrong with that. Majority of the bikes here glowed with its own originality and art form, not one were the same. Although we can't say the same for fashion because 3 out of 5 people wore flannels, including me! It was quite abundant. Nonetheless, great bikes, great people, great food, great beer, great flannels! I'll still rock mine, enjoy the pictures.

Free stickers to put on your toilet, or wherever you please.

Finally got to see this in person, very detailed and fine tuned. Great work.

Nice cold beer after a long ride.

Cafe racers are coming back with a vengeance!

Nice panhead.

One of my favorites at the show.

This will always be an icon.

Very interesting, I think I like it!

Can you say dumped? All over you ricer fools, wait a sec..that's me!

Homeboy getting down, hit him up. Kyle @ Shark Pinstriping (760)622-0050

Can you count the flannels?

Ducati motor, SIICK!

Cupid shot a missile at these two, they're awesome.

My eyes blood shot & lips chapped from the ride home, superb.


  1. loving the "cafe racers" where's this at?

  2. carlsbad, ca...a few miles south of los angeles

  3. Hey wency there all right too bad I couldn't make it I would of took the show

  4. supp bacla get the bike done asap need help let me know...