Thursday, November 11, 2010

Action shots, testing the new bars

These will probably be the blurriest night rolling shots your unfortunate eyes will ever encounter. Thanks to my cousin for taking these epic artistic like paintings that will blind you for the remainder of this post. I like it, only because I'm viewing it from a different perspective. But seriously, I need to get my settings dialed in for night photography. 

One hand on lap, you know you do this too. Why? Because it looks fucking cool! Even though your wrist doesn't even ache and you've only traveled 0.5 miles. 

Light-speed bitches. Not really, maybe 25mph trying to move in for a good shot while cars behind me high beaming and honking. Looks fast though.

Clearest shot of the night, excellent.

After a nice little ride around the hood, it was time for some refreshments and cards.

The night was fine and dandy until this guy shows up. Does he really think that piece of twig is going to do anything for him? Absolutely not.

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  1. damn i thought u guys didnt see me! time im gonna have more twigs