Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Epic Halloween weekend...

DAY 1:
Goal: Internally wire new Z bars, ignition relocation, tank lift and wire tuck. 

Chinky was in a Halloween mood.

Out with the old, in with the new.
Adjusting the bar to my desired position, and making some markings to get cut.

DAY 2: 
Cuts turned out clean! Good lookin out! e-mail him @
Nothing like a good ol' 3M scotchbrite to get rid of the ugly chrome.
Fishing lines in, now its time to pull some wires through.
2 hours later...
3 hours later and 5 Coronas consumed. FAIL.
But that didn't stop me from partying on Halloween eve with my kick ass friends. Excellent night indeed.

DAY 3:
Wow, only took me 5minutes to finally get it done.
10 minutes total for both sides. Lesson learned: be sober next time I attempt on doing something like this. -_-
Wire tuck done.
Chinky gettin down with his superb soldering technique. Observe the concentration illuminating from his eyes.
So I thought I was done, I was wrong. Yet another FAIL. Apparently there was a short, and it kept blowing out my accessory fuse. I was hoping to party since it was Halloween, not going to happen.
Found the culprit, wires got pinched and exposed the copper during assembly of the controls. It got me back into a Halloween mood. 
It also got chinky into a Halloween mood. One problem, the shoty was loaded. Had a bit of an unpleasant feeling for a sec. Now I know why there weren't any trick or treaters that night.
Coffee break. For some reason I couldn't read what was being said in the magazine, It was too damn small!
"That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind" And no it's not an astronaut costume, it's a dope ass fucking helmet with a bubble shield. Chinky wanted to try it out with full gear. Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for some action shots and bloopers...bitches

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